Desktop Relocation

With the growth of businesses comes the growing pains associated with the lack of space for new employees. The process of office expansions and relocations can be extremely daunting and stressful for everyone in the organization, especially for the IT team, as well as the facilities staff that is responsible for executing the move.

Desktop Relocation

Aplena provides the experience and planning to make this process as painless as possible. We plan every detail of the logistics, bring and manage the resources, and complete your desktop move or expansion as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Following the same basic methodology for our Data Center Relocations, we take the following steps:

  • Capture all of your information, such as number of workstations, monitors, monitor arms, keyboards, docking stations, etc. We also capture logistical information and building requirements.
  • Planning with customer facilities or IT representative on desktop maps at origin and destination.
  • Discuss and finalize timelines and schedules.
  • Move Day: Uninstall all devices, bag peripheral items, and load all devices on truck (if moving to a new location), re-install devices at destination, and provide onsite support.
  • Validate that all desktops are installed correctly.



Aplena plans the details of the move so you don’t have to. We capture and plan all the details of the move and perform risk assessments to ensure your desktop move goes as smoothly as possible.


We provide the desktop technicians that will move your desktops quickly and efficiently. We staff the project based on the timelines required and manage our resources to ensure the work is done accurately and on time.

our project managers

Our project managers and leads have the experience and skills to give you the peace of mind that all deliverables are met and concerns are addressed.


With accuracy and attention to detail, we validate that all desktops are handled carefully and all components of the workstations are moved and nothing is left behind.


Onsite support: When end-users return to work, many will find that they need support for configuring their desktops or any other issues that inevitably arise after a move. IT staff are often overwhelmed by the number of requests and tickets. Aplena will address all end user issues right after the move so the IT staff can focus on the network or other high level IT requirements of the business.

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