Data Center Relocation

Relocating your data center is a critical process that offers many benefits, such as significant cost savings, added security, and improved efficiency. This process also holds many risks, including potential for long downtimes, damage to property, and data loss.

Aplena has a proven methodology that can be tailored to your needs and provides careful planning and expert execution that minimizes the potential for risk and ensures your crucial assets make it to their destination securely and successfully.

Aplena offers a proven track record of handling relocation projects of all sizes. Our highly trained engineers and technicians will handle your valuable IT assets with white gloves to ensure there’s no damage, then expertly re-install to OEM specifications.

Full Service or Partial Services

  • Data Center Audit; Information gathering and documentation
  • Site inspection and evaluation
  • Planning and project management
  • Design and infrastructure consulting
  • Asset management tool development
  • De-installation/power-down assistance of all current designated IT assets
  • Packing and transportation (Both National and International)
  • Unpacking and disposal of waste
  • Re-installation into destination cabinets
  • Cabling, dressing, and labeling (if needed)



With detailed planning and project management for every project, we ensure a smooth and secure transition from the planning phase to the execution of your data center relocation project.


Our experience and knowledge will make sure we cover all aspects of the move, asking all the appropriate questions to address all possible risks and having the answers to solve any issues that may arise during the move.


The efficiency with which we implement our services and our schedule flexibility to work tirelessly during strict downtime windows prevents loss of productivity and profitability for your organization.

secure packing

Provide secure packing and offer transportation insurance and GPS services to ensure the safety of your high value assets.


Our national and international presence allows you to move or ship anywhere your IT assets need to go.

Aplena Methodology

Information Gathering

Information Gathering

Our detailed site survey and questionnaire captures all the critical and logistical information for your data center relocation project. At the origin, we attain a rough count of all IT equipment moving, number of cables, and facility details and requirements. At the destination, we gather the power requirements, cabinet information, and any information that could impact the infrastructure design.



Once we have our questions answered about your project, we move forward with the consulting phase. This can be as simple as making recommendations for placement of the equipment into the new cabinets or implementing a complete data center build-out, including power, cooling, cabinets, and structured cabling. If choosing a colocation facility, our colocation relationships provide a wealth of options for you to choose from.



This is the most critical phase as it details the entire scope and schedule of the project, minimizing risk and downtime. We determine all tasks that must be completed on the project and their durations prior to move day, and plan and communicate the schedule to everyone on the team, including our customers. If the customer has strict timelines, we plan that into the schedule and manage our team accordingly.



Our experienced leads and technicians work efficiently and carefully while handling your equipment. From the tear-down phase, professional packing, and re-installation and cabling, we make sure your data center gets back up and running as quickly and securely as possible, leaving you with a data center that is functional, clean, and ensures proper airflow and design.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our goal is to provide a product that meets not only the requirements of our customers, but also meets the high standard of quality that we strive for on every project, small or large. This process is carried throughout the entire project and is closely monitored against the scope to mitigate any potential risk and reduce anxiety for our customers while handling their valuable assets. By validating all deliverables and communicating effectively with all team members, we ensure successful completion.

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