Decommissioning Services

Whether organizing end-of-lease terms, upgrading your infrastructure, or managing hard drives with sensitive data, Decommissioning is a time-consuming task that takes away from your IT’s more business-critical tasks. Aplena provides the services to decommission your IT assets.


For End-of-Lease projects, we will uninstall, professionally pack, label, and ship all hardware to the leasing company efficiently and safely. If specific instructions are required by the leasing organization, we read every detail to make sure that we adhere to the directions and pack the devices in highly secure packaging, capture serial numbers, and label the boxes, if necessary. We also see to it that the equipment is returned by the required deadline, reducing the cost of money and time it would take for your IT staff to implement this project themselves.

With every organization, upgrading the IT infrastructure is a necessary project to keep the organization current and allow for growth. This can be a daunting task, especially when there are large numbers of devices to handle or if the equipment is in a remote location. Aplena brings the team to decommission your hardware infrastructure quickly and securely via de-installation and E-waste services, to make room for your new technology.

Forty-two percent of hard drives sold on the market contain sensitive data. This is a significant problem, as it exposes companies to liability, financial loss, and employee identity theft. Aplena provides certified disk and data destruction services to meet your business requirements for compliance standards. We will capture all pertinent information, such as serial and model numbers, then we destroy the drives via degaussing, crushing, or destroying, providing E-waste services to dispose of the drives, and then documentation of the disposed drives.

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