aplena_infrastructure_mainIt’s All About the Infrastructure

Your data center is your company’s most important resource. Within this complicated compilation of hardware, software and cables lies all the applications, communications, storage and data management that your business can’t function without. For many businesses, problems with a server, storage and/or networking system can mean major loss of revenue in a matter of hours — even minutes.

Whether you’re building your first data center, upgrading your physical infrastructure, relocating or colocating, your environment must be able to rapidly evolve to new business challenges. There are so many variables to consider: Increased volumes of data across the network that’s moved and stored requires high-density blade servers and storage devices, which in turn can cause escalating power consumption rates and heat production.

Aplena takes all this into consideration when we discuss your infrastructure needs. We offer expert data center design, configuration and installation. You can count on our close attention to detail whether you’re looking for integrated containment, security tools or system management. When designing and building a new data center, or enhancing an existing setup, we’ll specify and produce quality components for you as required, including:

  • Cabinets
  • Connectivity
  • DC Power
  • Cable management
  • Power switching and controls
  • Racks and integrated cabinets systems
  • Surge protection
  • Thermal management
  • Outside plant enclosure
  • Management solutions
  • Industrial power
  • Embedded computer and power
  • Cabinet enclosure solutions
  • PDU’s
  • Zone cabling and wireless enclosures
  • Software
  • Grounding and bonding
  • Backup systems

For a Robust Infrastructure

We can help you with infrastructure considerations such as fiber versus copper cable and connectivity, cable management, storage, power cables and accessories, switches, space allocation, power requirements and cooling. The objective is a robust infrastructure with the right tools to help lower TCO while meeting your IT goals and addressing challenges quickly and cost-efficiently.

Our end-to-end approach to design, deployment and management provides a smart foundation. We help you realize the greatest utilization from your infrastructure investment by leveraging existing assets, migrating risks, enhancing safety and minimizing downtime.

Infrastructure Management

With Aplena’s Data Center Infrastructure Management Services (DCIM) we help remove the mystery of your data center with hardware and software tools for the integration of information technology and facility management disciplines. It’s all about optimizing your data center performance, allowing you to monitor and manage your current and future capacity requirements, and proactively identifying and correcting problems, meeting service level agreements and more. It’s a holistic insight into what makes you tick.


A thorough security assessment means examining your entire operation from the infrastructure level on up to the human level. We’ll take a good look at your power, cooling, racks, cabling and fire suppression. We’ll assess all vulnerabilities. We use proven methodologies along with the latest software tools to offer real-world testing, even on limited budgets.

Relocation and colocation are addressed from the ground up. In addition to providing the safe transport of your critical IT assets, we’ll tackle everything from placement of ventilation ducts and protection of external plumbing and wiring to clearing lines of site for data center cameras. We can show you how ignored details like an external copper-wire air conditioning system could become a potential hazard to your data center.

Aplena’s experience in delivering secure, high availability in networked computing solutions means we’re uniquely qualified to assist you efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us today for more information on our comprehensive infrastructure solutions.

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