DCIM Services

Complete Visibility for Your Data Center


According to a 2012 Gartner Research report, the penetration of data center infrastructure (DCIM) and related tools implementation will climb to 60% by 2015.

The data center is the core of your company and a source of challenges, from escalating energy costs and decreased network capacity to limited floor space and the need for business continuity.

Our Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software and server solution tools address IT data center pain points and help you maximize your data center ROI by gaining critical insight into your environment. Whether you’re relocating your equipment to a new data center or anticipating a consolidation, we’ll help you proactively plan, monitor and manage your data center in real-time across your interdependent systems and facilities to:

• Provide holistic insight into your data center power usage
• Reduce energy usage/increase efficiency
• Monitor consumption
• Monitor storage, servers, routers
• Optimize infrastructure layouts
• Support virtualization and consolidation
• Ensure availability
• Reduce operating expenditures
• Optimize utilization of available capacity
• Speed up implementation by helping you keep your records current
• Create a virtual model of your data center that anticipates changes
• Measure results with the right business intelligence tools
• Track trends and forecast future needs via historical data
• Manage changes from location to location
• Easily monitor and track assets and historical data
• Assess environmental impact of infrastructure changes

Centralized Approach

You need to be able to understand, manage and enhance an incredibly complex system, receiving instant, meaningful information that you can immediately put into action. With Aplena’s DCIM tools, you can keep track of everything in your data center to provide fast access to every device in your environment. You’ll more efficiently manage your entire infrastructure regardless of your operating system or network connection.

We’ll help you eliminate sources of risk, identify gaps in system redundancy, troubleshoot hot spots in server racks, monitor service and supply chain management and address overall data center availability.

Interested in more information on our DCIM services, and learning how DCIM can increase the efficiency at your colocation facility? Contact us today for a free assessment.

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