aplena_installation_mainFor Turnkey Data Center Installation Solutions

Let’s face it—your in-house IT resources don’t need the headaches caused by a major installation. When you bring in our team, we act as an extension of your company, reducing deployment time, planning and executing quickly and efficiently and simplifying management. We’ll transform your data center by enhancing performance and introducing newer technology like virtualization, blade servers, server consolidation and cloud computing if required.

Aplena partners with today’s leading colocation and infrastructure providers to offer you cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re adapting your existing data center to increase efficiency, moving to a colocation facility or relocating to new premises, we can help. We’ll automate provisioning, patching, compliance and other tasks to make your center run more efficiently.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Aplena works closely with you to implement business continuity, disaster recovery and high availability initiatives to safeguard your data. We’ll make sure your servers are protected from any disaster including hardware and/or software failure, viruses and natural disasters (earthquakes!). We’ll regularly test your backup solution to make sure it works and your data is safeguarded.

End-to-End Installation Services

We pride ourselves on professionalism, workmanship and overall excellence in service, bringing your project in on time and within budget, with hands-on attention to detail. And that’s the same attention to detail whether you have one office with a small computer room environment or multiple locations throughout the country housing a variety of mainframe computers.

We’re specialists at assessing space, layout and requirements, navigating wiring, racking, cabling, and building secure server rooms to produce robust data center environments. We can accommodate installations of any size, from single cabinet through to thousands of square feet. As your business grows, we’ll discuss the newest technology to help you maintain your competitive edge.

Aplena employs best practices to provide services including:

  • Cabling design, management and solutions
  • Cooling and power solutions
  • Fiber and copper solutions
  • Cable mining, removal and disposal
  • Integration of voice, data, IP and telecommunications networks
  • Switch installations
  • Rack configuration

Let Aplena become your one stop shop for data center installation needs. Whether you’re migrating your data center to a service provider (colocation) to reduce overhead and optimize other efficiencies or setting up your disaster recovery separate from your primary location, we can help. Contact us today for more information.

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