aplena_cloud_mainResources On Demand— When and Where You Need Them

Aplena understands that your IT requirements are unique to your particular business. There is no such thing as a“one size fits all” approach when it comes to IT. That’s why we individualize our data center services and solutions to meet your business’s specific challenges and goals. Why should you pay for resources you don’t need and take up valuable space?

Building or adding on-premise infrastructure to meet your peak demands can become a costly endeavor. You could be paying for maintenance, hardware and leasing whether you need it now or not. What if volume decreases? You should be able to run and manage your infrastructure as easily as you flick a light on and off at home.

With Aplena’s cloud computing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), we can deliver a virtual environment of resources, including hardware, networking and storage to meet your specific needs and/or manage your resources. Aplena can help you run and manage an entire infrastructure in the cloud. We work with leading IaaS architects and technicians to instantly add storage, change routing, take care of patches, updates and run applications as and when needed.

Expand Your Data Center in the Cloud

With IaaS you can access a portion of a consolidated pool of resources to produce your own “cloud” infrastructure to meet your specific demands. Software and servers are utilized on an outsourced basis and billed according to use.

Aplena partners with top IaaS providers to provide off-site server storage and networking hardware which you access over the Internet. By paying for IaaS on an as-needed basis instead of adding physical infrastructure you can save time and money by tapping into the cloud when and as needed rather than purchasing and installing hardware.

With our IaaS cloud computing services and solutions, you can expect:

  • High performance
  • Full automation of all of your administrative tasks
  • Mail/web and data security as well as secure user access
  • Easy configuration
  • Increased organizational abilities
  • More predictable costs
  • Full backup and business continuity
  • Immediate virtual access to resources
  • Total security
  • No single point of failure
  • Location independence
  • Dynamic scaling
  • Fast Internet connectivity

Contact us today about our cloud services and solutions and how we can help create cost effective and easily scalable solutions for your business.

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